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Super Pervious Paver



Managing Storm Water on Walkways

Just like parking lots and roof tops, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, courtyards, and tree surrounds are areas that can contribute to flooding and storm water management issues.

The floors in the Welcome Stations are Xeripave Pervious Pavers. They are yet another way to manage storm water, allowing it to filter through the surface into the ground. Made from natural stones, the pavers can be used in place of or with traditional paving materials such as concrete, bricks or even asphalt.


How are these pavers installed?

The pervious pavers are installed over layered beddings of clean-crushed aggregates and soil, much like any sidewalk or concrete driveway. Typically,
this is 1î of ASTM No. 8 clean-crushed aggregates that creates a
large enough reservoir to filter one gallon of water per second for every
square foot.


What about inclement weather conditions?

Ultraviolet light, repeated freezing and thawing and even road salts have little effect on the pavers as water does not pool on its surface. The natural stone components stand up well to weather conditions.

The surface is safe for pedestrians, bicycles and light vehicles with a non-slip ADA compliant surface.


Can the pavers be used with a regular storm drain system?

In some cases in which storm water management is a priority, pervious pavers can filter water into underground conduits. Unlike a traditional storm drain cover, the pavers will filter urban trash while directing the water to the larger storm drain system.


Installation Parts

A: XeripaveÆ Super Pervious Paver

B: 1î-2î ASTM No. 8 Clean-Crushed aggrigates.1/2î No.16. (1/2î-1/8î Clean Crushed)

C: Base Layer – Minimum 4î ASTM No. 57 Clean-Crushed aggregates. 1 1/2î -No.8 (1 1/2î-3/16î)

D: Sub base layer if needed and specified by design engineer. ASTM No.2. Clean-Crushed aggregates 3î -3/4î

E: Geosynthetic Fabric. If needed and specified by design engineer

F. Sub grade soil

Paver Styles