Connected Sustainability | Whatever Happened to Johnny Appleseed?
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Whatever Happened to Johnny Appleseed?


Image from Howe’s Historical Collection


Workshop Series

December 6, 2013

Ward Ag Center – Veteran’s Building

Lebanon, TN


Series Title:  Whatever happened to Johnny Appleseed?


Summary:    Municipal landscape planning for trees is complex. Insuring that trees are the right kind, in the right soil and in the right place can prevent costly retrofitting and disappointment of trees that fail to thrive. Experts in forestry, nursery and soils, master gardening and municipal tree planning ordinances were covered in this workshop.

Session 1:

Micah Wood, City of Franklin Planning Supervisor

Larry Mizell, City of Franklin Land Planner

Jeff Wllloughby, Interim Stormwater Coordinator, Franklin

Having established a municipal tree ordinance for the City of Franklin, those integral to the process will share the array of logistical, political and administrative issues that should be a part of any city’s planning process.

Session 2:

Terry McPeak, Master Gardeners, Arborist

The Ward Ag Center is establishing a Level 1 and is underway with plans to establish a Level 2 Arboretum. This is a part of a larger interest in developing the fairgrounds property as a demonstration area for arboretum, stormwater and historical teaching and learning. What’s currently underway on the property along with understanding the process of working with a volunteer citizen’s committee in the development of the arboretum will be discussed.

Session 3:

Kyle Smallen, Development Manager, Southern Nursery

Planning tree plantings begins with a complete understanding of what the soil will support and what the area can support for successful plant growth. This session will describe the considerations and process for making good decisions about when, why and how to amend soils.

Session 4:

Dwight Barnett, Forestry

As a leading expert in tree management, this session will discuss the issues with keeping trees healthy, what is on the horizon in terms of threats to trees, when and where to plant indigenous trees and when it is appropriate to introduce other trees.

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