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The Scoop on Alternative Pavements


Concrete as some see it

Workshop Series

December 12, 2013

Ward Ag Center- Veteran’s Building

Lebanon, TN



Series Title:  The Scoop on Alternative Pavements


Summary:  Traditional Concrete or asphalt may not be the best solution for paving needs and may lead to fees and penalties under new regulations that require infiltration and better may better manage stormwater. This workshop features experts in understanding the considerations for the types of concrete used in different circumstances. Products and technologies will be discussed. On-site demonstration installations of pavers, pervious concrete, Grasscrete and Xeripavers will be examined.

Session 1:

Alan Sparkman, Executive Director, Tennessee Concrete Association

The Tennessee Concrete Association has taken a leadership role in educating professionals about pervious concrete options. This session will examine an overview of the state-of-the-art in alternative pavements and specifically address issues related to poured pervious concrete, including site considerations, installation and maintenance.

Session 2:

Darryl Sapp, Oldcastle Materials and Belgard Pavers

The use of pavers adds possibility of stormwater management with an aesthic of an old world appearance of cobblestone pavers. The site considerations, installation requirements and upkeep issues will be discussed along with an understanding of the cost considerations.

Session 3:

Terry Graves, Grasscrete

Grasscrete provides stormwater management options for parking while keeping the appearance of a green lawn. The uses, installation considerations, and maintenance will be discussed.

Session 4:

Mark Walker, Keuert Concrete, Inc., Xeripaver

Xeripavers are super pervious pavers for use on walkways, sidewalks, pool decks, courtyards and tree surrounds. Unlike the other sessions, this is a consideration for stormwater management outside the parking lots. Installation considerations, site considerations and upkeep will be discussed.

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