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18 Dec Rain Garden

What Is a Rain Garden? Rain Gardens are saucer-shaped landscape depressions filled with moisture-loving plants.   Why create a Rain Garden? A Rain Garden is an all-natural storm water treatment system that allows 30% more water to infiltrate the ground. Rain Gardens are Low Impact...
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18 Dec Swale

What is an Infiltration Swale? Swales are shallow, landscaped open channels running along the contour of the land; built to infiltrate, convey and slow down rain water flow. They are constructed to reduce runoff volume and improve water quality. Swales are widely used in combination...
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18 Dec Wetlands

What are Wetlands? A wetland is an area of land saturated with water, either permanently or seasonally, and is identified by assessing three factors: hydrology, plants and soil. The type of soil that develops and the vegetation that grows are determined by the amount of...
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18 Dec Rain Barrels

What is a Rain Barrel? A rain barrel is a system that collects and stores rainwater from the rooftop that would otherwise be lost to runoff and be diverted to streams and storm drains. Runoff can contribute to flooding in developed areas with a lot...
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