Connected Sustainability | Directions to the Park
native grasses, flowers, wetlands, rain gardens, environment, Fiddler's Grove
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Directions to the Park

Beyond the Midway lie secrets that return rain waters to the earth.  It is the way nature filters water to remove pollutants, and it is nature’s way of controlling flooding.
As you explore, you will find Middle Tennessee’s treasures. There are trees that have always been a part of our landscape. There are native grasses, flowers and wetlands that slow the rains and keep the land in place. There are man made swales and rain gardens that mimic nature and filter the water to restore its purity.
There are grassy areas hiding sturdy concrete strong enough for large trucks to drive across. In Fiddler’s Grove explore our history as humans changed the earth and are now learning the importance of protecting and restoring it.
Enjoy the beauty. Breathe the air. Interrupt silence with laughter, but leave no permanent marks that you were here.

Beyond the Midway Location